I am Charlie Bell. I love to sew, paint, cook, and bake.  I have a strong interest in fair trade, sustainability, upcycling and C2C design. I love fashion and travel. I don’t dwell on the negative and and am a glass is half full kind of woman. I love my family and my friends. I also enjoy the beach and running, good food and wine. I have a healthy and fun life.  I believe that if you can’t do something with passion, it’s not worth doing.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your angry birds hat you made for your son! My son is also having a easter parade & I know he would love one of those hats!! Is there anyway I can obtain one or maybe you can tell me how to make this hat?

    • Great that you love it but I made it so will have to tell you how… I bought a cheap cowboy hat (because it could be used later in dress up box) then covered the rim with the feather boa. Just taped it on and used the strap from the hat. I used cardboard for the body (blue, white for eyes which I drew the pupils on using a saucer, and yellow for beak – trial and error for size). The small birds were styrofoam eggs. I searched on Google for ideas how to make them. You might want to check http://www.redtedart.com/2012/02/18/quick-craft-post-angry-birds-eggs-craft/ for closeups to help. My son painted them and stuck the eyes on. I actually used cardboard for the beaks but the site I just referred to looks an easier option. I then put the little birds on skewers and taped onto hat. The blue tube is hollow but I added a ‘tail’. I got it all from a cheap ‘Hot Dollar’ shop. Hope that helps. Good luck and enjoy.

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