Back in the saddle!

After many years away from sewing (at least 15 years) I was inspired by a bag belonging to a friend’s daughter. Thanks Carmel and Georgia! I drafted the pattern and went fabric shopping. I ended up with some pink and white furniture fabric. For lining I used some fabric I had for bunting (see article below), and I used a pocket from a pair of my five-year old’s outgrown jeans. The bag turned out ok and I had fun with it so I made a bag for my sister (the stripey one),  one for two special friends (the Russian doll one and the 70’s floral one). They’re an ideal size for slinging over your shoulder and walking with small children who need a hand to hold, or when you generally need to have your hands free.

IMG_4416  IMG_4420 IMG_4667 IMG_4905 IMG_4669 IMG_4906   IMG_4968 IMG_4967