Easter Hat Parade Angry Birds style!

Today was Sebastiaan’s Easter Hat Parade. No bunnies or chickens for this little fella though. Angry Birds was what he wanted, specifically ‘the blue bird coming out of a shell’. First attempts were at a paper mache version, but with the incredible humidity we have been having it was a disaster to say the least. So a cardboard one it was with a few styrofoam eggs painted as birds and pigs. We had fun making it together and he was rather chuffed with himself in the parade too.

IMG_5048  IMG_5038


Upcycled chinos

My friend Jane was clearing out her wardrobe and I scored some of her stuff for my upcycling projects. I finally got around turning a pair of  chinos into a bag. I purchased some quilting fabric on sale for the lining. Can’t wait to use it! I also used some of the material and one of the side pockets in a bag for a friend (see Back in the saddle!)

IMG_4990 IMG_4991

Retro mini buttercup

I found some fab retro cotton material at my local Spotlight store. Then I found a lovely bag pattern on Made by Rae and thought I’d give it a whirl. Unfortunately when I printed the pattern the settings must not have been at 100% so the bag turned out a wee bit smaller than I would have liked. Whilst the bag is smaller than I had planned, its still great to take when you just want a small purse, keys and phone. It sits well tucked up under my arm and allows me to have hands free. Handy for supermarket shopping and coffee dates when kids are in tow. Plus, I still have material over. Just have to work out what to do with it…

IMG_4956 IMG_4958

iPod nano case

Having revived my love for running, and embracing the iPod nano (as opposed to the old clunky walkman that I used to run with), I realised that I needed to have a safe storage bag for my beloved music device. I found a great free pattern on Sew Mama Sew, and here it is…

IMG_4531 IMG_4529

Spots on the beach

Inspired by summer and living five minutes from the beach, I thought I should make myself a beach bag. Found this fab spotty material at Lincraft and new it was just perfect for the beach. No one else would have it, and easily recognisable from a distance! I found a free pattern on Leanne Barlow’s blog. It’s large enough for all our beach gear and more! I lined it (as per my other bag projects) and its great because you just have to tip the lining inside out to get rid of that inevitable sand that comes home with you!

IMG_4909 IMG_4913

Back in the saddle!

After many years away from sewing (at least 15 years) I was inspired by a bag belonging to a friend’s daughter. Thanks Carmel and Georgia! I drafted the pattern and went fabric shopping. I ended up with some pink and white furniture fabric. For lining I used some fabric I had for bunting (see article below), and I used a pocket from a pair of my five-year old’s outgrown jeans. The bag turned out ok and I had fun with it so I made a bag for my sister (the stripey one),  one for two special friends (the Russian doll one and the 70’s floral one). They’re an ideal size for slinging over your shoulder and walking with small children who need a hand to hold, or when you generally need to have your hands free.

IMG_4416  IMG_4420 IMG_4667 IMG_4905 IMG_4669 IMG_4906   IMG_4968 IMG_4967